City of Idaho Falls warns about utility scam







IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The City of Idaho Falls is warning residents to not fall victim to a new scam in the Idaho Falls areas.

“The utility office received phone a call from a local business owner reporting a phone call from an individual claiming to be the City of Idaho Falls and demanding money for unpaid fees or they’re utilities would be shut off,” according to a city press release.

The City of Idaho Falls is reminding people that city officials do not demand or accept utility payments over the phone. Officials say if the caller is demanding immediate payment, over the phone exclusively and refuses to offer payment options, it’s a scam.

If someone is unsure about whether they owe the City of Idaho Falls for utilities, they should hang up and call the utility officer at (208) 612-8280 or (208) 612-8144.

People never provide personal or financial information over the phone if they’ve not solicited the phone call.