City of Idaho Falls program helps residents repair curbs and gutters

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — A City of Idaho Falls program is helping residents relieves some of the financial burden of curb and gutter repairs.

Kent Fugal, city engineer for the City of Idaho Falls, told KID Newsradio the program is aimed at helping residents keep their mandated obligation to take care of their curbs and gutters.

“It can be challenging because concrete isn’t cheap for people to be able to deal with,” Fugal told KID Newsradio. “The council thought it was appropriate to have a means whereby the city can assist property owners who would like to use the program in order to get damaged and broken curb and gutter replaced.”

The premise is simple, Fugal said. Residents can apply to the program and have their curbs or gutters evaluated by someone from the city. If approved, the city and the resident create an agreement on how much the city will reimburse.

“At that point the property owner needs to hire a contractor, we have a list of contractors we can help them with,” Fugal said. “Once that work is scheduled, we actually assist further as a city by removing the damaged curb and gutter, preparing that for the new curb to be placed and then their…contractor can replace that curb and gutter…once it’s completed we reimburse the property owner at a rate that’s been determined for that year which is usually approximately half of the cost of putting in that curb and gutter.”

While other home improvement projects may seem more pressing or more useful, Fugal said ensuring curbs and gutters are in their peak condition isn’t just about aesthetics, but safety too.

“Pedestrians walking down the street can trip over the, you know, damaged concrete and fall and get hurt,” Fugal said. “If the gutter pan itself of that curb and gutter is in such poor condition that we don’t have something solid for our asphalt paving to even match up to, that’s a real problem and so we’d like to those issues taken care of.”

Anyone interested in the program can access the application here.