Neal Larson Show Podcast

NLS – 06/18/2018

Neal continues to fly solo while Julie is out of town. Amid growing debates surrounding the federal government’s seperation of illegal immigrant children from their parents, Neal weighs in on the discussion. He takes several […]

Neal Larson Show Podcast

NLS – 06/15/2018

Neal flies solo while Julie takes a much deserved vacation. Sarah Jackson joins the program to sing “What a Wonderful World,” by Louis Armstrong for KID NewsRadio’s weekly segment, Studio Cover Session. Sydney and Neal […]

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Neal Larson Show Podcast

NLS – Monday – 04102017

Neal and Cala discuss last week’s retaliation for Syria’s gas attack. INTERVIEW: Stephen Yates discussing the escalating tension between the US and Russia/Syria/North Korea. FLASHPOLL: Neal and Cala ask listeners who they’d vote for in […]