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Americans Now Can Do Business in Cuba (and Take Their Families)

Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Image(WASHINGTON) — The Obama administration is out with big changes to U.S.-Cuba business operations.

Starting Monday, American companies are not only allowed to establish a physical presence in Cuba and hire Cuban nationals, but they can open bank accounts; bring family members with them on work related travel, and, in certain cases, partner with the Cuban government for joint-ventures.

Tourism, however, is still not allowed.

The administration is also lifting all limits on remittances.

While there are still many questions that remain — like whether the Cuban government will allow any and all businesses to establish a presence — the U.S. government is saying they’ve done what they can to “lower all barriers” for American businesses.

Authorized travelers can also journey to Cuba via other routes, as individual exemptions are no longer needed for cruise ships and ferry services. They all are granted under the general licenses and can stay in Cuba for up to seven days.

The new regulations also allow exports from the U.S. to Cuba for safety in civil aviation — such as explosion detection.

ABC News has been told to expect changes to civil aviation, as the talks are ongoing, but no time line was given.

For more information about U.S.-Cuba business operations, click here.

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Jeb Bush Adds Bernie Sanders to Stump Speech

ABC News(LAS VEGAS) — For the first time, we’ve heard Jeb Bush now adding Bernie Sanders to his stump speech, signaling a shift in how the campaign views the Democratic field.

“Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, know what their views are. Hillary’s kind of drafting right behind Bernie. Bernie Sanders has already promised $18 trillion in new spending programs. It’s impossible to imagine,” Bush said Thursday in Las Vegas.

He mentioned Sanders again when saying that between him (Sanders), Clinton and “whoever is else is going to run” will just lead to a third term for President Obama.

Trump and other Republican candidates were never mentioned by name, though he did make a veiled stab at Trump.

“I’m not gonna get my foreign policy based on ‘watching the shows’ or say, don’t worry about it, I’ll figure it out later.”

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Today on the Trail — 9/18/15

ABC News(NEW YORK) — Where will the 2016 presidential candidates be? Read below and find out their campaign schedules:

Take Back America Conference

The story of the day is still the firestorm around Donald Trump and a questioner last night at a town hall in New Hampshire. Trump is in South Carolina Friday, where he will be speaking at the Take Back America conference in Greenville.

Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, and Chris Christie are all speaking at the conservative conference sponsored by Heritage Action Friday afternoon and evening.

Republican Leadership Conference

Bush will also speak at the Republican Leadership conference on Mackinac Island in Michigan Friday evening.

South Carolina

Walker, Carson and Santorum all have other events while in South Carolina.

Walker has an event in Spartanburg Friday morning, while Carson is speaking at a healthcare summit, also in Greenville.

Santorum will be at the Columbia Greek Festival Friday morning.


The only candidate in Iowa Friday is Lindsay Graham, who has five events in the Des Moines area.


Mike Huckabee is in California with stops in Anaheim.

New Hampshire & Maine

Hillary Clinton is in both New Hampshire and Maine. She holds morning and evening events in the Granite State and an afternoon “grassroots organizing” meeting in Portland, Maine.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

It’s Bernie Sanders’s chance to get the Colbert Treatment. He’ll be on the Late Show Friday night.

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Candidates Criticize Donald Trump over ‘Muslim’ Comments

Darren McCollester/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Presidential candidates are reacting to Donald Trump’s lack of reaction to an audience member claiming that President Obama is a Muslim and not an American.

The first to speak out against Trump was a Democrat — but now he’s getting questioned by Republicans as well.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton tweeted about the incident, which happened during a town hall event in New Hampshire on Thursday night.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is one of the Democratic candidates in the race, jumped into the fray Friday morning, calling for Trump to apologize.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke out on the Today show Friday against Trump’s decision not to correct the man.

“If somebody at one of my town hall meetings said that, I would correct them and I would say, ‘The president’s a Christian and he was born in this country. Those two things are self-evident,'” Christie said.

“I’ll tell you what I would do, and I wouldn’t have permitted that if someone brought that up at a town hall meeting of mine; I would have said, ‘No, listen. Before we answer, let’s clear some things up for the rest of the audience.’ And I think you have an obligation as a leader to do that,” Christie said on Today.

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Trump Lets Comment About Muslims Being ‘Problem’ in US Slide

ABC News(ROCHESTER, N.H.) — GOP frontrunner Donald Trump let an audience member slide at a New Hampshire town hall after the man said Muslims were a “problem in this country” and that the president was not an American.

During a question and answer session in Rochester, New Hampshire, a gentleman stood and said, “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one, you know he’s not even an American.”

“We need this question,” Trump said before chuckling.

The man went on to ask Trump explicitly: “But anyway, we have training camps brewing where they want to kill us. That’s my question, when can we get rid of it?”

Trump, who is leading in Republican polls, did not address the comment about the President and said simply, “We’re going to be looking into a lot of different things.”

“A lot of people are saying that. And a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to be looking into that and plenty of other things,” he continued.

After the event, Trump told ABC News via an email statement, “Christians need support in this country. Their religious liberty is at stake.”

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GOP Debate Hunk’s Identity Revealed

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) — Mystery solved…sort of.

Everyone was dying to know who the hunk was sitting behind CNN moderator Jake Tapper at Wednesday night’s GOP debate. He stole the spotlight from the Republican presidential candidates and everyone was asking on Twitter: Is he single?

Well, CNN tracked down #HotDebateGuy. Ladies and gentlemen…he’s 24-year-old Greg Caruso.

The Los Angeles native and University of Southern California graduate is a filmmaker and the son of wealthy real estate developer Rick Caruso, according to the Daily Mail.

The remaining question is whether Caruso is in a relationship or not. He did not disclose that information.

Overnight, it seemed Caruso gained new found fame equated with “Alex from Target” and “Hot Mugshot Guy.”

Luckily for his own sake Caruso doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

While everyone was ogling him, the guy was just trying to watch the debate.

“It’s pretty hilarious. Social media can focus on some guy at the debate instead of the debate,” Caruso told CNN.

Of the 11 candidates on stage last night, Caruso likes Jeb Bush, according to CNN, but won’t commit to supporting him or any of the other candidates just yet.

“I think out of everyone, (Bush) improved the most from the first debate,” he told CNN.


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Clinton “Putting the White House on Notice” for Delay on Pipeline

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(CONCORD, N.H.) — Hillary Clinton’s campaign heats up with new comments about the controversial Keystone Pipeline.

Hillary Clinton has refrained for months from commenting on the Keystone Pipeline – saying it would be inappropriate as the former Secretary of State. But today she’s changed her tune.

When asked her position on the controversial pipeline during a town hall in Concord, New Hampshire Thursday night, Clinton expressed frustration with the White House for their delay.

“I have been waiting for the administration to make a decision. I thought I owed them that… I can’t wait too much longer. I am putting the White House on notice. I am going to tell you what I think soon.”

This might be a sign that things are heating up for Clinton.

Her remarks come the same day Bernie Sanders’ campaign announced that they raised $1 million off revelations that Clinton’s super PAC, Correct the Record, was attacking him.

Sanders is also staunchly opposed to the pipeline and has previously called out the former secretary of state for not taking a position.

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Vice President Joe Biden Speaks at Sexual Assault Prevention Event

Drew Angerer/Getty Images(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Vice President Joe Biden teamed up with Hunger Games Actor Josh Hutcherson Thursday to urge college students at Ohio State University to do more to prevent sexual assault on college campuses.

“Any time it is not consent or consent can’t be given, it’s sexual assault and it is a crime,” the vice president forcefully told students at the Ohio State University. “Promise you’ll do everything to create an environment where sexual assault is unacceptable, where the moral disapprobation of your friends will be brought down on the chump who engages in that behavior, where survivors are supported and attackers are viewed as pariah.”

The vice president grew animated and angry as he talked about the questions and accusations sexual assault victims face after they are violated.

“No judge, no police officer, no friend, no one has the right if you’ve been abused to say what were you wearing,” the vice president. “It’s never appropriate to ask what were you wearing, why were you there, what did you say, what made him think? They’re all the wrong questions. The question we need to ask as a nation is what made him think he had a right to raise his hand?”

He also said he understands the courage it takes for people to stop sexual assault and described an incident where his son Beau Biden stopped a fellow student from sexually assaulting a young woman while he was in college. The VP also wrote about this incident in his book, Promises to Keep.

“When my son Beau Biden was there as a freshman, a sophomore at Penn, stopping one of the athletes moving on a young woman in his coed dorm. And the word went out — we’ll get Biden. You know how it works. It takes some courage. And I don’t expect every man to have the physical courage to do it. I mean that sincerely. But at least you have a damn obligation to shout out. At least you have an obligation to pick up the phone. You have an obligation to identify,” he said. “Am I doing enough for the women I know, am I doing enough for the women I’ll never know, am I demanding enough of my school, my classmates, my friends, my fraternity brothers, my teammates. Most importantly, guys, is a simple proposition, you all know it. Are you able to go home every night and look in the mirror and say I acted as the man I think I am. Are you able to do that?”

Hutcherson traveled with the vice president from Los Angeles to Detroit then to Columbus Thursday. The vice president joked about Hutcherson’s appearance on Air Force Two.

“Josh let me fly on his plane,” the VP joked. “As we got on every woman on the plane suddenly had no interest in talking to me about anything.”

“There’s a lot of celebrities, a lot of good folks who care about and engage in support for a lot of causes but with this guy …read more […]

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Donald Trump Speaks at NH Rally, Criticizes Carly Fiorina

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(ROCHESTER, N.H.) — Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail.

A day after the second Republican presidential debate, Trump headed to New Hampshire for a town hall in Rochester where he hit his usual conversation topics of immigration, the economy, and the military.

“I always say, we’ll probably never have to use it,” said Trump talking about creating a more “powerful” military. “Who wants to use it? We gotta have it, because right now what’s happening in the world, we need that military, we need that protection, and we’re going to have it if Trump is elected president. That I can tell you.”

He also reflected on his debate experience.

“It did so well that CNN said let’s make it an hour longer,” he told supporters. “Can you believe this? That debate was three hours, it felt longer than that.”

He later took a jab at Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina, saying she did a “terrible” job when she was a CEO at Hewlett-Packard.

“I thought I’d wait a couple of days before I exposed her business failure, but honestly it’s so ridiculous,” said Trump.

He mentioned that during Fiorina’s time at HP, the acquisition of Compaq was a mistake.

“People that work there, said that company was such a great company until she got involved, until she went out and made this horrible acquisition and it just has destroyed the company,” Trump told supporters.

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Breaking Down the GOP Debate

ABC News(NEW YORK) — ABC News political analysts Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson wrapped up Wednesday night’s debate discussing the winners — and losers — of the night and everyone in between.

The second round of GOP debates, which featured 11 Republican presidential candidates on the main stage and four others at a gathering of lower-tier contenders, was filled with jaw-dropping moments and some great one-liners.

Donald Trump was a bulls eye for attacks, Carly Fiorina stole the show, and Lindsey Graham was a zinger machine.

Here’s a look at some of Dowd and Granderson top takeaways from the night:

On the undercard debate:

DOWD: Let’s talk about the arrangement of the 4 candidates [lower-tier debate] – they had done this in height order for some reason, but it was from tallest to smallest.

GRANDERSON: It’s also boring to most interesting. I thought Lindsey had a lot of great zingers.

DOWD: He [Lindsey Graham] was big on military action.

GRANDERSON: I mean it seems like his answer to every single question- “Hey what are you going to do about social security- kill somebody!”

DOWD: He is trigger happy…

GRANDERSON: I don’t want to downplay his experiences in the military, but there’s got to be a way to communicate the needs for protecting America’s interest without sounding as if you’re trying to bomb everyone who disagrees with our philosophy.

On Fiorina’s strength:

GRANDERSON: Donald trump doesn’t have a lot of leverage- I think Fiorina really shined.

DOWD: Carly either equaled him or beat [Trump], I don’t think he knew had to deal with a strong woman.

GRANDERSON: She [Carly] was very impressive- in fact my son was up watching and he texted me saying ‘yo she’s coming up strong’ On Trump’s lost momentum during the debate.

DOWD: I think Trump came away having lost this debate … I think the biggest problem he had was all these mannerisms, he actually started to become petty.

A person [on Twitter] wrote, “Donald Trump just did every emoji face on your phone in 7 seconds.”

GRANDERSON: He was the only candidate, perhaps him and Christie, that actually looked like the debate was taking a toll on him.

DOWD: Tonight you saw his age.

GRANDERSON: Yeah, and you saw it in not a good way. …

On why Carly shined:

DOWD: As we each said, Carly I thought was the big winner out of tonight, and I think she’ll rise in the polls. But I think her important comment tonight was her first real response to Trump’s comments in rolling stone – about her face. … That was a 15 second dagger.

GRANDERSON: I’m not sure if she was prepared for that question or not, but man did she have a money shot answer.

DOWD: He’s [Trump] never really dealt with a smart, strong woman except in an antagonistic way.

GRANDERSON: She [Carly Fiorina] has this quality about her that Hillary Clinton would love to have – to come across as presidential, but also likable and relatable.

DOWD: I think she has a blank slate with the American people…that’s one of the advantages Carly has.

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