Above The Call Recognizes Sgt. Jeff Edwards

Above the Call is a new event with Rich Broadcasting to thank law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and others for their service.

In partnership with Pocatello Nissan Kia and KPVI 6, we proudly present the Above the Call initiative. Above the Call recognizes the good work that public safety responders do every day to make each of our lives better. This is out way of thanking law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and others for their service.

You can nominate someone special within your community and if selected, they will receive our weekly recognition, an honoree plaque and be invited to a V.I.P. banquet at the end of the year.

We are excited for the opportunity to thank those that make sacrifices every day for us.

Listen every Monday as we highlight the everyday heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

Above the Call is made possible with gratitude and appreciation from Rick Broadcasting, Pocatello Nissan Kia and KPVI 6.

The person who nominated Sgt. Edwards had this to say:

Sgt. Edwards has been with the county for 25 1/2 years. Started out in the BCSO Jail in 1991.
Transferred to patrol 1995, has worked several positions within the department.

In 1999 he was directing traffic after a rival game between BHS and HHS. Jeff was struck by a car (a witness stated Jeff went as high as a telephone pole before coming down,) As he was lying there going in and out of consciousness, the young lady came running to the accident scene and Jeff woke up briefly and told her everything will be alright. He was on leave for 3 months and returned and did light duty for almost a year after physical therapy released him. He was known as the “Come back cop.” In 2003 his kidneys failed and he found out he would need a transplant. Jeff continued to work full time and worked his schedule around his duties. He will celebrate his transplant this August 14 yrs.

With all of Jeff’s trials that he had in such a short time he did not disappoint the Sheriff’s office. He continues to keep our community safe. Jeff is well known in our community and liked by many. I have done several ride a longs and always amazes me what a great community we live in, he can give a ticket and people thank him for his duties.

If I could I would nominate the whole Sheriff’s Office.