Bonneville District 93 Addresses Bonding for Middle School

District 93 Board of Trustees might be leaning towards moving ahead with seeking a bond to build a new middle school.

According to the Post Register, during a working meeting that lasted almost two hours on Wednesday, the trustees took an informal straw poll which showed a 3-2 majority supporting the bond for the middle school. The new school would be located on district-owned land next to the still under construction Thunder Ridge High School.

A few unrelated small projects at other schools likely would be included in this bond request.

The straw poll also indicated that the three members in favor of the new middle school are not ready to move forward with the new elementary school. The site for the new elementary has yet to be determined, as well as the concerns over the needed two-thirds majority were listed as reasons for the delay in asking for bonding for the elementary school.

The Post Register reports, the board must decide by Jan. 23 whether to put another bond measure on the March ballot. The latest estimates the district is working with are for either $36.4 million or $39 million for a middle school, depending on the size. An elementary school would be $16.7 million if the district doesn’t include a 200-student special education hub, $25 million if it does. Trustees also are considering including a few smaller projects in the bond, including $1 million to replace the roof at Iona Elementary School, $500,000 for a new pickup/drop-off loop at Falls Valley Elementary School and $500,000 for architectural work toward future expansion of Bonneville and Hillcrest high schools.


The board meets again Dec. 13.