Back 2 School Giveaway gears up for 2017 event









Photo Courtesy: Back 2 School Giveaway

Joshua Robinson works at the Director for the Back to 2 School Giveaway. The annual event began over 10 years ago and aims to advocate for children in southeast Idaho. The Giveaway works to unite as many people and resources possible so families with school age children can receive every resource possible as they prepare for another school year. 

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POCATELLO – The annual Back 2 School Giveaway is gearing up for this year’s event with a new location and the same free school supplies, clothing and services.

Joshua Robinson, Director of the Back to School Giveaway, told KID Newsradio in addition to providing free services and supplies to those in need, this year also promises a fair atmosphere for families and kids to relax and have fun before school gets back in session.

“Every year we try to enhance the event a little bit,” Joshua Robison, Director of the Back 2 School Giveaway told KID Newsradio.

This year will take place at a new location, the Mountain View Event Center in Pocatello and flowing over in front of Grace Lutheran High School onto the soccer field. Robinson says the event has been, “busting at the seems,” at it’s previous location for years and the new move should allow more people to access the event safely.

“We had people parking on the other side of Yellowstone Highway and then crossing the busy highway just to get the event, so we knew it was getting a little bit dangerous,” Robinson said.

The event is scheduled for August 18, just days before the eclipse, but Robinson says he doesn’t expect any issues.

“I’m hoping not,” Robinson said. “The eclipse doesn’t take place until Monday and this is a Saturday event, so yeah, we’ll probably have more cars driving through the area, but the only way that this works this year was having it on this day.”

Robinson says there’s still room for businesses to get involved, since the event is currently 85 percent funded.

“We could definitely use a little more support to just push us over the finish line,” Robinson said.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the Back 2 School Giveaway or wants more information can visit or call (208) 403 – 6322.