Watch Bomb Squad Robot Enter Aurora Theater Shooter’s Apartment

September 9, 2015

Courtesy District Attorney’s Office for the 18th Judicial District of Colorado(AURORA, Colo.) — Newly released video shows the moment a bomb squad robot entered the apartment of Aurora, Colorado, theater gunman James Holmes, which was booby-trapped with over 20 bombs and incendiaries.

After Holmes was apprehended behind the theater, where he opened fire three years ago during a midnight screening of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, he told police about his booby-trapped apartment, according to Richard Orman, a senior deputy district attorney for the 18th Judicial District of Colorado.

Five buildings surrounding Holmes’ residence were then evacuated, and a remotely controlled Adams County Bomb Squad robot was sent into Holmes’ apartment early in the morning of July 21, 2012, just a few hours after the shooting, Orman told ABC News.

The first thing you can see in the newly released video obtained by ABC News is white powder and discolorations scattered across the apartment’s floor — gun powder and gasoline and motor oil, respectively, according to a newly released, 62-page FBI report obtained by ABC News that details the explosives.

A closer look from the bomb squad’s robot camera also revealed dozens of black spheres with fuses all connected to each other and to pickle jars with liquid and bullets inside of them.

The 16 black spheres contained smokeless powder and gasoline, while pickle jars connected to the spheres were layered with thermite, which creates high-temperature fires, in addition to bullets and napalm.

A few 2-liter soda bottles in the back of the apartment also contained more gasoline.

The first booby trap was a trip-wire made of a fishing line with one end connected to the door jam and the other connected to a thermos, Orman said. The thermos had a bottle of nearly pure glycerin perched precariously on a frying pan that contained the chemical potassium permanganate.

If the glycerin had fallen in, a huge flame would’ve ignited, “blowing up the whole apartment,” Osman said.

He added that Holmes set up a recording with 40 minutes of silence, followed by loud music in what he believed was an attempt to get someone to open the door and set off the trap wire.

Holmes’ downstairs neighbor Kaitlyn Fonzi testified in May that she was drawn to the apartment around midnight by the music, and though she knocked, no one answered so she left.

Two other booby traps involving remote-controlled pyrotechnic systems were also set up by Holmes, including a button set up inside the apartment and a remote control placed by a dumpster outside next to an RC toy car.

“We believe he hoped someone would hear the boom box, try to play with the car and use a remote control that would actually blow the whole place up,” Osman said.

None of the trigger systems were ever initiated, and all the bombs were successfully disarmed.

Holmes was convicted in July on one count of the possession of incendiary devices, in addition to two counts for each of the 12 murders and 70 attempted murders he committed inside the theater. He was …read more […]

More Than 1,000 Items Recovered at DC’s ‘Beach’ Exhibit

September 9, 2015

Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — As the tide begins to recede from the National Building Museum’s “Beach” exhibit in Washington, D.C., and volunteers start the process of packing up the massive ball pit, more and more buried treasure is being found.

“Anything from wedding bands, heirlooms, jewelry, to hearing airs, to lots of cell phones, and lots of high quality sun glasses,” Kristin Sheldon, the museum’s honorary “lost and found queen,” told ABC News.

More than a thousand items have been turned into the information desk since the exhibit’s opening in early July. Behind the desk, there are makeshift boxes, overflowing with stuff.

“Today’s bag, to give you a sense,” Sheldon said as she picks up a bursting zip-lock pouch, “a couple of cellphones, a wallet, couple of credit cards. This is pretty indicative of what we’ve found.”

The gatekeeper to these treasures is a huge binder, housing more than 800 inquiries forms from visitors.

“A young man went to great lengths in his inquiry to get his pink diamond back and silly puddy,” Sheldon laughs and she holds up the costume diamond and a balm of puddy.

She said some others sought out items include a bandanna, single shoes and a $20 bill.

“And lens caps. I have a whole bag of lens caps,” Sheldon said.

The museum plans to try and match the items requested in forms with the belongings in the boxes. Anything unaccounted for is going to be donated to charity, reused by the museum, or thrown out.

More personal belongings are expected to be recovered in the coming days as several dozen volunteers work to pack up the more than 700,000 balls. The exhibit is being moved across town into storage where an art coalition will use it as inspiration for a design competition.

“It’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be fun,” said Sheldon. “Museum people love objects. We love the stories they tell. This is just an added bonus to the really successful summer we’ve had.”

More than 180,000 people visited the exhibit this summer.

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Is Robert De Niro Like His Character in “The Intern”?

September 9, 2015

Warner Bros. (NEW YORK) — Robert De Niro plays an unlikely older intern for a magazine run by millennials in The Intern.

His character, Ben Whittaker, is a widower who finds retirement boring, so he returns to the workforce at a magazine founded by a twenty-something, played by fellow Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway. Although he’s there to learn, Ben ends up teaching the staff much more about life — including chivalry, like opening doors and always having a handkerchief on hand.

When Elle magazine asked De Niro if he was like his onscreen character, the actor replied, “Sometimes. The handkerchief is going too far. But sometimes yes, and others not.”

De Niro explained that the last time he dated heavily, it was during the ’60s. The actor said back then, “Women wanted to be independent. You’d say, ‘Then you should open your own door.’ Or even, at times, ‘Pay your own way.'”

De Niro’s father didn’t teach him much about women, he said — or about dating and chivalry, for that matter. “We didn’t have long discussions of ‘Son, I want to tell you about women and this and that.’ I mean, he had a lot of women friends, I noticed. Women that might have been interested in him but, you know…,” he explained.

The Intern, also starring Rene Russo, hits theaters September 25.

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Apple Introduces Giant iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

September 9, 2015

Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images(SAN FRANCISCO) — Apple introduced the giant iPad Pro on Wednesday, plus updates to the Apple Watch and software, including the date of the watch’s OS 2 software update, and new accessories.

The iPad Pro, the largest iPad yet, was introduced on stage in San Francisco by Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. Schiller showed the pros of a larger iPad that measures 12.9-inches diagonally. The width of the iPad Pro is the same of the height of the iPad Air, with 5.6 million pixels. The product has 10 hours of battery life, Schiller said.

For the first time, there is a four-speaker audio system on the iPad with the new product.

“It puts up three times the audio volume of an iPad Air 2,” Schiller said, while touting its thin width of 6.9 mm and weight of about 1.5 pounds.

Schiller said Microsoft was one of the groups that tested productivity on the new iPad Pro, drawing some near gasps from the audience.

“Yeah, these guys know productivity,” Schiller said.

Schiller introduced a new accessory specifically for the iPad Pro, called the “Smart Keyboard,” that connects to the iPad Pro with three new circles along the side of the iPad Pro: the smart connector. It carries power and data to the keyboard. The software in iOS 9 helps the two adapt to each other.

The Apple Pencil is a new accessory that works with the iPad Pro. Apple chief design officer Jony Ive said in a video that the iPad display senses the pencil’s force and angle to vary the appearance of the lines a user draws.

The event kicked off with a demo by AirStrip, a mobile healthcare company, which can use the Apple Watch to help doctors monitor the health and heartbeat of a pregnant patient and her baby.

Available in select stores in October, a new luxury Apple Watch Hermes will be available to customers. The company also introduced new Apple Watch models and bands.

The Apple Watch OS 2 will be available Sept. 16.

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U.S. Unemployment Rate Tumbles

September 4, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — The unemployment rate tumbled to a seven-year low in August as employers added a modest 173,000 jobs, complicating the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision whether to raise rates in two weeks. The Labor […]

Four Arrested in Kidnapping, Fifth Man Sought

September 4, 2015

BONNEVILLE COUNTY – Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested four people and are looking for a fifth person involved in a kidnapping.  Police say 32-year-old Brandon Bykonen, was found injured Thursday after being held against […]

New Rules on Naming State Parks

September 4, 2015

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho park officials say the Idaho Legislature should have final approval authority in naming new and existing state parks. The Idaho Parks and Recreation board approved the requirement Thursday as part […]

Police Find Missing Boy

September 4, 2015

POCATELLO—Police scoured Pocatello last night for a missing 5-year-old boy. The boy who was reported missing around 9:40 p.m. and located about two hours later with his 20-year-old sister. Kysen Cooper was last seen around […]

Bear Euthanized After Biting Idaho Firefighter

September 4, 2015

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho officials have euthanized a black bear believed to have bitten a sleeping wildland firefighter. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the bear bit the snoozing firefighter Tuesday […]

Grizzly Bear Research Trapping Continues this Fall

September 3, 2015

MOOSE, WY — The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team will resume research trapping operations for grizzly bears within Grand Teton National Park beginning Tuesday, September 8 through October 19, 2015. Scientific research and trapping operations […]

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