Extreme temperature changes affecting cars

EASTERN IDAHO (KIFI/KIDK/KXPI) – From snow-covered roads, to clear roads, to snow-covered roads again!

Drastic temperature changes have become the norm this month. These are the conditions Eastern Idaho has endured over the last few weeks. With all of the different weather, cars are suffering and taking these weather changes like a champ.

A local auto shop owner said he has had nearly 60 cars checked in this month due to weather-related issues. Brandon Willcoxson is the owner of S & H Auto and Diesel Repair in Idaho Falls. He explained the importance of cleaning the salt and chloride gunk from underneath your car come summertime.

 “You need to make sure you keep your cars washed to keep that rust from setting in,” Willcoxson said. Try to keep an eye on the type of oil you are using, he said.

Your owner’s manual should have a summer oil and a winter oil type. Winter oil is usually a lot thinner so that it lubricates the engine quicker.

“Synthetic oil is totally different than regular motor oil. It holds its viscosity a lot better. It also lubricates a lot better, so you don’t get a dry start and stuff,” he said. Do not ignore any signs that your car is giving you, he said.

He adds that when it comes to potholes: “Avoid them, because if you hit them, you can blow a tire, you can break a tie rod in, take an alignment out. It’s a lot of damage. We’ve had cars that hit the potholes and busted ball joints and done a lot of damage to their vehicles,” he said.

“A lot of batteries, batteries and alternators this time of year,” said Willcoxson. “A lot of people say, ‘My car is vibrating’. We come in and find out they got ice stuck in their rims, so we got to pull the tires, clean the snow out of the rims,” he said.

Willcoxson also said to check your cooling system and make sure your radiator is clean. These become problems during the summer.