25 Things To Bring With You To Watch The Eclipse

Obviously you’re going to want your eclipse glasses and a camera, but if this is your first eclipse, you might have no idea what to expect.

Here’s a quick list of the 25 most important things to bring with you!

  1. Sunscreen
    It’s summer and the sun will be out, so prepare for sun exposure. Maybe bring an umbrella for additional shade.
  2. Water
    Even large events may run out of water, so don’t leave home without it!
  3. Approved Solar Filter/Eclipse Glasses
    If you’ve got eclipse glasses or if you’re making your own DIY viewing filter. Don’t forget to bring it!
  4. Camera
    Focus on capturing events of the day and not so much on capturing a picture of the sun. Especially if this is your first eclipse! And remember the tripod and extra batteries and memory cards!
  5. Transistor Radio
    Some large events will be broadcasting the events as the eclipse happens, and of course we’ll be giving you as much up to the date information about traffic and safety as we can. The best thing about radio is that it works no matter how many people are listening. That might night be true for cellphones and internet devices.
  6. Binoculars
    A really cool way to get a close-up view of the corona during total eclipse. Remember, don’t use them to look at the sun until totality, or you could seriously injure your eyes!
  7. Eclipse Guide
    There are lots of these available online and in book stores. Well worth the money if you can get your hands on one.
  8. Food & Snacks
    The eclipse lasts but a few minutes, the day and the transition of the moon in front of the sun takes place over a couple hours. You never know if you might get a snack attack!
  9. Medication
    Especially if you’re traveling any distance, it’s important to bring along any necessary medications. It might be helpful to bring a first aid kit with some aspirin as well.
  10. Chairs
    You don’t need to stand up to see the eclipse. It might be more comfortable for you to sit back and enjoy the show from your favorite camp chair.
  11. Toilet Paper
    Lots of people, not many rest areas… be ready!
  12. Hand Sanitizer
    You know, in case there’s not a sink near by.
  13. Extra Eyeglasses/Contact Case & Solution
    Again, if you’re traveling at all, it is better to have extras on hand so you don’t miss out or be forced to view a blurry eclipse.
  14. Kids’ Stuff
    The attention span for the kids is probably a lot shorter than yours and you may want to spend as much time viewing the eclipse as possible. Make sure the kids have something to safely occupy their time. Remember that internet and cellphone usage may be limited. So the ol’ tablet might not be the cure-all here.
  15. Broad-Brimmed Hat
    Keeping the sun off your head, face, and neck will help you keep the sunburn at bay!
  16. Power Inverter
    Some newer vehicles have a built in electrical inverter so you can plug in the laptop and watch a movie, or charge your phone, etc. But in case you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to pick one up so you’re not stranded without power.
  17. Pillow
    Rest that neck in your camp chair while you watch the eclipse!
  18. Sunglasses
    Not safe for viewing the sun, but great for the rest of the day’s activities.
  19. Cash
    There’s a chance that the ATM machines might be really slow or not work due to internet outage. Best to carry cash with you so you can make those purchases quicker.
  20. Insect Repellent
    It’s the summer, remember. Bugs are alive and well. Mosquitoes love you!
  21. Phone
    It’s probable that the number of people accessing their cellphones will overwhelm the towers and you won’t have great or any cell service. But it’s still a very important thing to make sure you bring with you. If you absolutely need access to communication, consider renting a satellite phone for the weekend.
  22. Telescope
    To a test setup to make sure you have everything you need for your telescope before you leave home.
  23. Astrophoto Gear
    Again, make sure you check all your gear so you aren’t left stranded without your favorite filter.
  24. Odd Parts & Tools
    If your equipment requires any special parts and tools to setup, a lens cleaning kit, zip ties, whatever your gear bag contains… Make sure it’s all there!
  25. Personal Items
    This one’s up to you. If there’s something that you need or want to bring with you, go for it!