2018 Primary Children’s Radiothon underway at Rich Broadcasting

Volunteers take donations from listeners during the 2018 Primary Children’s Radiothon | Sydney Jensen, KID NewsRadio

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — For the seventh year in a row, Rich Broadcasting has teamed up with Primary Children’s Hospital to raise money for the nearly 100,000 patients who visit the facility each year.

Among the families in east Idaho who are recipients of the many services offered by the hospital is local meteorologist Michael Coats and his daughter Olivia who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was almost two.

“My middle child Olivia, who is now six, was diagnosed, at a very young age, we noticed she wasn’t meeting milestones as a baby,” Michael Coats told KID NewsRadio. “We got her checked out and she has cerebral palsy and that was a very difficult time to be going through as a parent. Of course, you have just a million things running through your mind and one of the things we had to do to further and get a proper diagnosis was go to Primary Children’s.”

Coats said he and his family had never been to the hospital before, but said the experience there was, and continues to be, personal and heartfelt.

“She had to get an MRI, she had to get x-rays done to confirm the diagnosis,” Coats said. “When she’s such a little baby, I mean she was less than 2-years-old and there she is getting IV’s and going through an MRI machine, your heart is dropping as a parent…worry and just, all these horrible thoughts are running through your mind. But, the people at Primary Children’s do amazing work and we still go to Primary Children’s at least once or twice a year now to follow up with her neurologist.”

From the moment Coats and his family walked into the hospital until now, Olivia and her parents have received the best care. Olivia has grown to love the staff at Primary Children’s too, Coats said.

“The staff at Primary Children’s Hospital immediately puts you at ease,” Coats said. “Every time we go back to Primary Children’s, my daughter gets excited because she can color and she can play Xbox, and she can do all these things. The nurses are so attentive and everybody there from the moment we get there to the moment we leave is just absolutely, the service is just, you couldn’t ask for a better hospital service.”

Last year, just over 98,000 children visited Primary Children’s Hospital.

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