2018 Primary Children’s Hospital Radiothon: Tayt’s Story

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — If you ask 12-year-old Tayt Andersen how he’s feeling after nine heart surgeries and a heart transplant, he doesn’t hesitate.

“I’m feeling better,” Tayt Andersen said matter of factly,  during an interview with KID NewsRadio on Wednesday, September 26. ”

Tayt received his new heart in 2015, allowing him to experience many part of life others take for granted.

“Tayt is tough,”  Chrissy Andersen, Tayt’s mom, told KID NewsRadio. “We are now in the difficult process of keeping rejection at bay with our new heart, which has been really tough. So, we are struggling with that, but it will work out one way or another. I think we’ve gotten pretty attached to what it’s like to be a normal kid and a normal life and go to school and stay home and you know, not have doctor’s appointments.”

While Tayt still has a long way to go with helping his body continue to accept his new heart, Chrissy said Tayt is where he is today because of the exceptional care at Primary Children’s Hospital and the generous donations of east Idahoans.

“You guys as a community…you are showing up for these kids and these families, making it possible for our children to live and grow up and get the care that they need because it’s not all covered by insurance,” Chrissy Andersen said. “It’s not all taken care of. So, this is why we do this every single year.