2017 Eclipse already impacting internet search behavior in Idaho and nationwide

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — As the upcoming Great American Eclipse approaches, the internet’s fascination with the minutes long phenomenon increases.

A recent article by the Washington Post revealed the upcoming solar eclipse is already impacting people’s internet behaviors.

“According to Google, interest in the eclipse has exploded nationwide in the past few months, mirroring national media attention. The county-level search data above, provided by Google, paints a striking picture: Interest in the eclipse is concentrated in the path of totality that cuts through the middle of the country, receding sharply the farther you go from that path,” the Washington Post wrote.

Photo Courtesy: The Washington Post

One astronomer tweeted the Great American Eclipse of 2017 may be “the most photographed[,] most shared[,]most tweeted event in human history.”

Search interest along the path of totality in Idaho can certainly reflect an early curiosity into the event.

According to Google Trends, searches for “eclipse,” or “solar eclipse,” in Idaho have gradually increased over the past 30 days, but are most prevalent in the Idaho Falls, Pocatello areas and decrease in interest in areas like Twin Falls and Boise which fall out of the path of totality.

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